Death of chivalry?

Ok, so my train never showed up today, so all the people who normally ride the 5:49 crammed onto the 6:15.  There were twice as many people on there as usual, so there were a lot of people standing in the aisles.  I was lucky enough to have gotten a seat and just as we were about to start moving, I noticed a VERY pregnant lady standing.  I looked around.   She was almost standing on another young guy who was too busy playing with his iPod to notice her.  In fact, all around were young, fit, healthy people happily ignoring the pregnant lady.

Obviously, I gave her my seat.  She was really grateful and told me “what a gentleman” I was.  I really don’t mind standing for 20 minutes so it wasn’t a big deal, but she made quite a fuss about it.  In fact, I had 2 other older ladies tell me how much of a gentleman I was as they walked past to get off a few minutes later.

Is it really SO amazing that a young, fit man give up his seat so a prengant, elderly, disabled person could sit down?  Christ, its not like I threw myself in front of a bus for her!

I know its a weird thing to complain about, but I thought it was quite strange…


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  1. Welcome to the tragic world of 2008

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