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Have at Thee!

What a weekend!  Friday I saw the new Batman movie.  It was fricken awesome.  I hate to give away the end, but he turns out to be his father…  Seriously though, Ledger deserves the Oscar.  Not because he tragically died, but because he really creeped me out.  The same guy who played Sir Ulrich Van Lichtenstein…  You would never have guessed.

Saturday Steph and Kev came over and we had a few drinks, some tacos, and then a few more drinks.  It was a blast.  Oh, and kudos to Saitek for making a damn good keyboard.  Someone spilled about 8 oz of margarita into it so I rinsed it out and let it dry and the thing works like nothing ever happened.  Take that “industry standard spill test!”

Sunday was really the highlight of my weekend.  We went to the Bristol Rennasaince Faire.  I used to go all the time when I was a teen.  I know its not exactly “cool” or something to be proud of, but damn if it isn’t a good time!  I ate tons of great food, saw some realy funny shows (especially Moonie and the “Mud” Show), and spent time with Lauren and the in-laws.  I can’ wait to go back.

I took some cool pictures that I’ll post, but they are on my other computer, so that will have to wait.

‘Till then, fare thee well.


One Response

  1. NOT FAIR!!!

    i love ren fairs…

    lemme know next time you go i wanna come with

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