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Last Day at Work

Your famous now!

Your famous now!

Yesterday was my last day at CDW.  I’ve known for months that the day was coming, but like everything else, it completely snuck up on me.  Its amazing how fast time flies when you have a deadline!  Regardless, I’ve had a great experience there.  Although I wasn’t there for too long, I had the opportunity to work for some great managers, and make some great friendships with my coworkers.

In addition, I was really surprised with the reaction of a lot of my customers.  After a few months of working with me, “some guy” on the phone, they cared enough to share their own experiences, wish me luck and even wanted to stay in contact.  That probably meant the most of all.  Thank you.

I really couldn’t be more impressed with CDW as a company.  Everyone from the people sitting to my left and right all the way to the top of the company has been extremely supportive and helpful.  I am excited to come back to CDW next year because I think they really do care about their employees.  They don’t just say it like a lot of companies do.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down to Blackie’s after work to send me off right.  It was a fun time.  I know not everyone who wanted to come was able and that is totally okay.  Thank you to everyone else for all the kind words and emails.


7 Responses

  1. We miss you! Are you free for some shenanigans this weekend?

  2. Sorry man, got other plans. Elwood Days is this weekend. Maybe you should come down!

  3. WTF is Elwood days? Like Elwood Blues from the Blues Brothers?

  4. Have any photos of Elwood days? I dont think have been to one since you warching with you boy Scout Troop!

  5. sopposed to say since you were “marching” with..
    Damn I really need a spell checker

  6. supposed ….(again..I quit) 😦

  7. Yeah, we took some pictures, but havent gotten them onto the computer. We used Lauren’s new camera and seemed to have misplaced the USB cord… oops!

    Elwood Days is a small town festival. Its like a carnival I guess.

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