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360 days left to go

Well, it has finally arrived.  I’m at Ft. Bragg mobilizing!  I will be here for about 1-2 months training up and gearing up before heading overseas.  Hopefully I will get a 4 day passto either fly home or have Lauren come visit me at the end of it.

So far, internet has been hard to come by, which makes it hard to post updates.  Also, I forgot my camera at home, so until I get it in the mail, the only pictures are going to be the cell phone ones I upload onto flickr.

I know it sounds strange but I am actually relieved to finally be here.  I’m working hard so the days are going fast.  However, the best part is that I know have a goal.  Instead of having a departure date to dread, I have a coming home date to look forward too.

Also, I have my mailing address here at Ft. Bragg.  If you want to send me letters or something just send me an email.  Obviously I am not going to post it here for security reasons.  Although I am still on post with access to shopping centers, it is still nice to get letters and pictures from back home.  I would really appreciate it.  In the future, I will create a new page with a list of items I would liketo recieve in care packages along with instructions, etc…

Thats about all I have time for tonight.  Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.  I cant wait until I see you all again!


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad to hear you made there!! I’ll be sure to send you a letter soon. I like to see your thinking positively…just keep that homecoming in mind. We can’t wait to have you back!!!

  2. hey bro! how is it there? keeping busy? what do you guys have to do to get ready? how often will you have internet? make sure you keep this up to date as often as you can and take lots of photos ^-^. homecoming was yesterday, we went to Krystine’s for the first half and then mine for the end half. it was really cool, as soon as i get pictures ill send em to ya. Krystine says hi and she looks amazing in her dress. lol. keep yourself focused bro, it’ll go by fast that way.

    love ya Joe!

  3. Sounds like things are going well and you have a positive attitude. I am glad. Everyone here at 120 S Riverside misses GI Joe…a REAL American Hero!

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