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Afghan National Army Kandak Receives First M-16s for Field Training | Soldier of Fortune

Afghan National Army Kandak Receives First M-16s for Field Training | Soldier of Fortune.

This is an article by Guy Volb, a civillian working in the Public Affairs office here at Camp Alamo.  This article was picked up by SOF Magazine recently.  Its a great example of the progress the ANA is making in improving their Army while building its strength.  Before coming here one of my biggest concerns was that Afghanistan was going to be trying to grow the Army so fast that training would be insufficient resulting in a large, ill-trained and poorly led force.  I have since learned that is simply not the case.

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  1. Also forgot to mention the story is posted on the War On Terror News website:



  3. Thanks for the link back to us. Have a safe trip home!

  4. NP Ms Marti, just spreading the unpopular good news 🙂

  5. ‘Tis true! You have a very interesting blog here, and I shall have to keep my eye on it for tidbits that I miss.

    I like the style you use, and your attitude! Very refreshing!

  6. I was just on the link that you provided for the “war on terror”. I have to say it is great to find news that reports on the success of the military efforts and the humanitarian successes as well.

    Now I certainly understand that in any combat situation there are going to be tragic stories to report and they should be On the other hand I think it is shameful the way the main stream media here seems to revel in reporting only negative news.
    I am amazed at all of the positive stories that are out there that simple go unreported here in the US

    It may not get mentioned by our propaganda machines but all that you guys accomplish does not go unnoticed and I for one will be forwarding all the “unpopular good news” to everyone I know.

    No doubt there is still a lot to do but you guys are making great progress with limited resources.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Blocked link at the Dubb…Conspiracy? They don’t want any of that good news seeping out…

  8. To Mikegar,

    i Just linked to it from the link above…worked ok for me..anyway here are a couple of items of “good news for you to read”

    Soldiers uncover weapons caches in southern Afghanistan

    KABUL, Afghanistan – During a recent mission to disrupt enemy movement, soldiers in southern Afghanistan found five caches containing weapons, documents and medical supplies.

    The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division Soldiers knew the area they were operating in is used for Taliban movement and storage of supplies.

    “We were told the insurgents use the ‘Karez’ water system to store weapons and supplies,” said Army Staff Sergeant Joshua Rodriguez, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, platoon sergeant. ‘Karez’ is the local name for their irrigation system.

    After inspecting for traps, Bravo Company began lowering Army Specialist Andrew West and Army

    Specialist Chad Schadewald, into the Karez. When they reached the 5th hole, they saw munitions and feed bags full of supplies.
    “At first we were worried it was booby trapped and didn’t want to get blown up, but once it was cleared, we were pretty excited,” said West.

    As they continued clearing the Karez system, they found additional caches and enemy sleeping quarters.

    Aware of Bravo Company’s success, Delta Company began searching compounds in their area. In the last room of a small village compound Army Specialist Jeffery Strouse noticed a hallway going underground that led to a small bunker.

    “I kneeled down and saw plastic tubing,” Strouse said “I called out to Army Specialist Chad Vough and he also crouched down and we realised we’d found weapons.”

    The timing of the find is especially important, as it takes weapons, medicine and other items required to fight out of the Taliban’s hands just before the historical seasonal increase in insurgent activity.

    ANP foil attempted bomb attack in Musa Qala

    KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Police (ANP) discovered and safely removed an insurgent bomb in the Musa Qala area last week.

    Whilst conducting a morning patrol south of the Baglan Wadi area of Musa Qala, the ANP identified a suspicious device buried in the ground. Further investigation revealed a large drum of explosives which was part of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

    The ANP removed the device, retrieving it to a safe area where it was then safely disposed of by International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops.

    “Afghan civilians are killed and injured by these devices, planted by an enemy who is determined to disrupt the peace and stability of Afghanistan,” said Captain Ben Sinclair of the Joint Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group. “The ANP performed bravely – their patrol correctly identified the threat and enabled ISAF forces to make the device safe, preventing any injuries or death as a result.

  9. I’m an old friend of Guy Volb’s. Would please pass along my email addy to him. shdwst@ yahoo.com


    Shad West

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