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Afghan Village of Sheenza Wer Receives Medical Aid


Here is another article that turned up in my Google Alerts hopper.  This one is also written by Guy Volb, and its about a Humanitarian Assistance (HA) mission that my unit completed while I was home on leave.  I was there for the planning of it but didn’t get to go on this one.

Anyways, great article that gives you an idea of what the villages surrounding the Alamo are like.


2 Responses

  1. I actually added this site’s RSS feed to the left pane on this blog. Enjoy!

  2. I thought you were on leave….what you work from home to?! Shame on you!

    Seriously, is there a problem if I happen to mention your site and steer people this way on occasion?

    That is a good site, DVIDS, glad you have the feed up!

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