If you’re wondering…

what its like here, it seems they made a movie about it:

Life as a Deployed Soldier


7 Responses

  1. haha!! At first I was thinking “he linked the wrong page”…….then I got it. Sometimes it takes me a while!!!

  2. anonymous? that was me!

  3. lol you gotta log in 😛
    I was wondering if anyone would get it. I guess I should have known you would!

  4. lol yeah, I think others will get it too! I heard you got to talk to Tim on Yahoo. That’s good. I’m glad you two met finally up!!

  5. I was stumped at first, then it sunk in. i felt dumb =[

  6. Очень было интересно читать, спасибо!

  7. LOL, seems like that every time we chat. Well, not much longer now and you’ll be home and then it won’t seem like that…though if you’re wondering, it’s the same on my end too…

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