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What’s the point?

You don't want none.

You don't want none.

I know there are a lot of pointless blogs (and web pages for that matter) out there.  My goal with this is not to just post my personal diary out there, because I don’t think anyone really would care that much.  The point of this blog is to keep all you friends and family updated as to whats going on with me while I prepare to deploy and while I am overseas.

I have never kept a blog before, so please bear with me in the beginning.  Hopefully it will get better and better as I go.

Please post comments, write me back, send me pictures or emails, or anything else.  I would love for this to become a two way street, and possibly even a way for us all to stay a little better connected.  If you want to email me directly, you can do so at geiseljo(at)yahoo.com.

Thanks for showing up, I’ll try to keep it interesting =)


20 Responses

  1. Cool Photo!!!!!!

  2. I love this idea. Way to go Joe!! By the way what a badass pic.. what do you call that in the army….hooah?

  3. i imagine that it was Jer that posted the last comment? Why dont you register instead of be “anonymous”?

  4. Wow, traffic has really picked up, I’ve had over 100 hits since yesterday! Thanks for visiting everyone 🙂

  5. Hey Joe…Pretty cool web page…I’m kinda new at this, but I’m glad I can keep up with what’s going on.

  6. I am about to deploy to your area to replace the 27th, could you send me some pictures of your FOB, area where you soldiers are living, and duties?

  7. MSG Feliz, as I’m sure you’ll understand, I cant pass you that kind of information for security reasons. My suggestion to you would be to contact the unit you are replacing and ask the specific person you are replacing for more information.

    Thanks, and hopefully we will have a great deployment!

  8. MSG Feliz Hmm..not bloody likely I’m thinking

  9. Do you have any conatct info for J-1 @ Phoenix or at Blackhorse. I need to follow up on some stuff from my rotation back during 4.5.


  10. Sorry SSG Z, I’m not there yet and dont really have any contacts there.

  11. wow didnt think a 2nd lt would be as dumb to make a blog about a deployment…wait you are a a 2nd lt so maybe I would

  12. but then again you are putting some info out that people (family) want so.. i dunno maybe its alrite

  13. To Anonymous ON 08/31

    The blog is not intended to be about a deployment. It is more about a person staying in touch with family and friends.

    It seems Lt has been very careful about not giving out any intel, (read the answers above when he was questioned about the deployment from outsiders and also see the opsec page). The Operation mission statement is public knowledge and is updated regularly at its own website.

    This blog is about a great young man dedicated to his family and serving his country.

    If however if you see something that is a security issue how about a little constructive critsism rather than just a slam?

  14. i agree with (dad), dont be so harsh man geez! As were deploying soon I’ am sure the LT is not the only one who is putting out info on te deployment and as (dad) stated none of it is confidential. I’ m not creating a blog but however my family especially my wife is up to date. Keep up the good work sir.

  15. To Anonymous ON Sept 21

    Thanks for the support and all that you do for our country!

  16. hey i dont know how but i stumbled across this page just looking for pics of phoenix bored =). my boyfriend is part of the 27th in phoenix right now… i’m sure you are in training right now but when do you guys go over? i know you probably cant say exact dates or whatever ..

  17. oops sry i just read your ‘OPSEC’ page about the ‘random person’ isuppose i am one. anyway… good luck with everything and i thank you for everything you do! stay safe!

  18. no problem kt. I hope that your boyfriend is well. My unit and I are the direct replacements for the 27th. I want to say thank you for sticking with him because I know that loved ones pay the biggest price during deployment. I’m sure you must be very excited to be getting him back soon!

    take care,

  19. Keep up the good work Joe. I’m glad MsMarti found you!

  20. Appreciate what you’ve got here. Working on something similiar myself. I’ll be in your neck of the woods soon enough.

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