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Care Packages

I know a lot of people have said they want to send me mail or care packs, so I will make it easier for everyone.  I’m outlining some steps and giving some resources to make it easy and cheap to send packages.  I’ll also keep an updated list of items I would like.

This page at the USPS website has some Flat Rate shipping boxes available, which is usually cheaper than mailing by weight.

Items to send in care packs:


Batteries (AA & AAA)

Magazines (Men’s Health, Maxim, Runners’, Money, Stuff, Popular
Mechanics, Computer, etc…)

Local Newspapers

Razor refills for M3 Power

Ankle running socks (mesh)

Cigars (anything – I like to try new ones!) – pretty good on these for a while, thanks!


Ground coffee

Pictures / postcards / letters

Music on discs or flash drives

Movies (burned copies are best)

Chap stick – got quite a bit for now, Thanks!


Fine steel wool

Gun oil

Computer games

Pre-wrapped/bagged snacks



The little 3M sticky hooks that don’t put holes in the wall

Pens / Mechanical pencils

Items NOT to send:

Chocolate or anything that can melt or easily perishable

Porn (not allowed by General Order #1)

Alcohol (same as the porn)

Large quantities of liquid (more than 12 oz.)

Anything under pressure (shaving cream, etc…)

Baby wipes (There are tons here already)

8 Responses

  1. Joe,
    What is this request for cigars about? hmm

  2. News to me too. I promise, I didn’t get him started. I haven’t seen him with one. LTC R

  3. Actually Joe has been smoking cigars very occasionally for a couple of years now. I have Jason Watt to thank for that nasty little habit I think, but I’d rather it be that than cigarettes or chewing! FYI Joe, you start chewing and I stop kissing! Just a thought…;)

  4. Hi Joe,
    Where’s your address? If it’s right in fromt of me it won’t surprise your dad. When we were at DW he always protected me from oversites and gave me the credit. Now I guess I have to depend on you too! 🙂

    This blog is a really good idea and you’ve done a great job with the site. It’s hard to believe the difference in these pictures from when you were helping out in the service dept.

    Thanks for your service and all that you do Joe!

  5. forst of all, lauren, it was not me that started joe on the smoking cigars… atleast i dont think it was me (want some tins of skole??? ha ha ha)… but either way, i know some people in the justice department, so i think i can get past the general order #1… not really but i may try to send you some anyways… not really, but i was gonna send baby wipes, guess you dont need those, and something under pressure (makes me think of Queen and David Bowie) but alas, i cannot, no chocolate either huh… since i dont know when you last updated your list, ill wait til you can so i know what to send you. Take care brother, miss you man (i dont care who knows it, especially lauren)
    Love and Respect,

  6. thanks man, its all good. You could send some beef jerky and some of those pouches or tuna salad mixture/stuff… I’m on a strict-ish diet and can’t eat all the junk I usually get =/

    Thanks again man!

  7. Joe,

    Good to hear you are doing well. Don’t worry about the junk food, you will get more then enough when you get back to work here…and then you will wish you never saw it again…

    take care..
    Jim Chalil

  8. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Finding the time and
    actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never manage to get anything

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