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I’ve got drill this weekend again.  It seems that there is just enough time between drill weekend to kind of forget about the deployment and the military.  Its very different when I put the uniform on.  It’s kind of like having an alternate identity, and the switch is triggered by the uniform.  I know it happens to a lot of people in the guard.  We kind of do have to be able to switch it on and off.

Anyways, all this gets me thinking about the mobilization.  Its scary to think that there is less than 2 month before I leave.  I have a million things to do before that happens.  In a way I really just want to get there and start the deployment.  The anticipation causes so much worry and stress that it know it will be easier once I am there and can look forward to coming home instead of having it loom over my head.

Running in the halls

I know I’m not the first person to suggest that although a person can be very calm, smart, and rational; many people are stupid, rude, and impulsive (sometimes like children even).  You see evidence of this any where cattle er… people gather: concerts, sporting events, fat people at Golden Corral, etc…

I mention this because I have the joyous pleasure of taking public transportation to work!  Granted it has become much more crowded lately, but the Metra is great.  I save a lot of money on parking/gas and I dont have to deal with Chicago traffic.  However sometimes I think we need hall monitors in the train stations.  Ive seen men practically hip-check old ladies into the wall or off the causeway to jump on the escalator or get on/off the train.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  They also like to do that arm thing where they will grab the seat in front of you so their arm is blocking you from getting out of your seat… “Gee thanks buddy.  Dont worry your Venti double mocha soy frappacino will still be waiting for you at Starbucks.  No need to push children to the side and trample old ladies…”

I guess this kind of ties into my other post about the pregnant lady no one would let sit down.  Come on people, we can do better than this!!

Death of chivalry?

Ok, so my train never showed up today, so all the people who normally ride the 5:49 crammed onto the 6:15.  There were twice as many people on there as usual, so there were a lot of people standing in the aisles.  I was lucky enough to have gotten a seat and just as we were about to start moving, I noticed a VERY pregnant lady standing.  I looked around.   She was almost standing on another young guy who was too busy playing with his iPod to notice her.  In fact, all around were young, fit, healthy people happily ignoring the pregnant lady.

Obviously, I gave her my seat.  She was really grateful and told me “what a gentleman” I was.  I really don’t mind standing for 20 minutes so it wasn’t a big deal, but she made quite a fuss about it.  In fact, I had 2 other older ladies tell me how much of a gentleman I was as they walked past to get off a few minutes later.

Is it really SO amazing that a young, fit man give up his seat so a prengant, elderly, disabled person could sit down?  Christ, its not like I threw myself in front of a bus for her!

I know its a weird thing to complain about, but I thought it was quite strange…