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Current news

Apparently to actually read any of the articles that load in my RSS reader to the right you have to register with that website.  That sucks, so I’ve changed them out for better quality Yahoo News and NY Times feeds.  Enjoy 🙂

Anyways, there has been a lot of activity in Afghanistan recently.  Recent attacks on French forces have cause more than 20 casualties.  Another attack on a major US base in the SE part of the country was haulted thanks to the help of the Air Cav, however the fact that they are increasingly more daring and attacks are more frequent, is not a good sign.

To top all that off, a long standing belief that Pakistan’s ISI (kind of like our CIA) has been aiding Al Qaeda and giving them information about coalition movement and plans.  This is possibly the cause of the recent attacks on the US and French.  source  Also, you may have heard that Pakistan President Musharraf stepped down earlier this week when it became clear that parliament meant to impeach him.  Although he gained power through a military coup, and did little to stomp out corruption, he was VERY anti-extremism, which is what led to the relationship between Pakistan and the US.  Now that he is gone, it will be very interesting to see how much bolder the ISI gets in providing intelligence support to Al Qaeda.

I cant really write much more now, so please check out some of the news.  I highly recommend Yahoo and NY Times.  Both have great coverage of Afghanistan.